FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Time really does fly. The date of my last “What’s New” entry (August 25, 2013) might be a bit misleading. I should tell you right away that you’ll find a lot of what’s new on my blog, The Lone Angler Journal. I’m still devoting a lot of time and emphasis to the Lone Angler. I’ve been telling people that I want it to be a different kind of fly fishing blog. You won’t be reading about what I had for breakfast or how many dogs walked through my back yard. I’ll make entries when I have something to say about fly fishing, fly tying or other outdoor stuff. And I’m always open to ideas about what you want to see in the “Journal” and ways to improve my website.

At this time the blog is free to anyone who wants to read it. So far I’ve made it without having to get sponsors, advertisers or ask my readers for subscription fees. That’s always been my goal. I want to keep it low key and as honest as I can for as long as I can. I do envision a “DONATE” button sometime down the road. But that’s as far as it will go.   

Many of you know that I spend the winter months speaking about fly fishing topics to fly fishing clubs and at the Fly Fishing Shows around the country. Just now I’m getting ready to head to the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, CA. That’s my last appearance with show for 2014. I’ve be teaching my Practical Nymphing Class, tying small flies, giving a seminar on “Catching Difficult Trout”, signing my books and with any luck and a little spare time hanging out and learning from the other fly fishers I meet at the show.

So far it’s been an on and off cold, windy winter here with just enough warm days for me to get on the water once in a while. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow. It’s iffy for sure. I mean it is winter fly fishing!

I’ll see you at the Pleasanton, CA Fly Fishing Show or maybe at your local fly fishing club’s next meeting. Better yet maybe we’ll meet up on the river. 


AUGUST 25, 2013

Here’s an update on my new website/blog. If you haven’t read the “What’s New” entry for August 12 please scroll down and take a look. It explains some changes I’m making in my fly fishing and how I’ll let you know about them.

If you viewed my previous website you’ve probably noticed that some of the content on the new website is the same. I’m working to update the static stuff---like the descriptions of my books, so you will see some changes there. Eventually, you’ll be able to buy signed books directly from this website. I also plan to add new pages and will announce them here in the “What’s New” page.

Right now I’m working to refine my blog (LONE ANGLER JOURNAL) and really encourage you to take a look at it and let me know what you think.


AUGUST 12, 2013

After several years of indecision I finally made up my mind in 2013 to change course a bit and branch out in some new directions. A driving force behind the decision happened when the outfitter I worked for retired. I had guided for that same outfit for more than 20 years. At first I looked into getting an outfitters license,  but quickly found out I didn't want to go in that direction. There was way too much paperwork! Next I looked into guiding for another outfitter, but just couldn't find a good fit mostly because of my own eccentricities (my friends will vouch for that!). Then it occurred to be that maybe I really just wanted to try something new. This website is the result.

So here’s the plan. I’m out of guiding fly fishermen for right now, although I already miss it and you’ll probably catch me drifting in “guide head” now and then. I’m going to be more active on this website and through my blog, which I’m calling the Lone Angler Journal, because I don’t really know what “blog” means. The Lone Angler Journal will mostly be fly fishing, but you can also expect me to drift into other areas now and then.  

For those of you familiar with my work I also plan to continue speaking around the country at the Fly Fishing Show, fly fishing clubs, fly shops and corporate events. I’ll be giving small fly tying demonstrations and teaching small fly tying classes. 

In addition to the website and blog I’ll also be writing magazine articles but you should expect to see more and more of my writing on this website. I see some more books down the road, too (more about that later). With your support I’ll use this website as a major platform for introducing new work directly to my readers.

To lean on Bob Dylan’s lyrics once again, “I got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane.”

Right now I’m just going to try to put my ideas out there to you as honestly as I can. My fishing pals who all see me as about as low tech as you can get are amazed that I'm even trying to build a website. It’s pretty much an experiment. I'm learning along the way, so expect to see this website change and hopefully improve. We’ll see how it all unfolds down the road. I hope you come along for the ride.